Why your best employees quit and how to stop them!

Why your best employees quit and how to stop them!

When a great employee quits, it’s tough. Reasons are varied – they follow partners to different locations, have personal commitments to family, decide to re-train in totally different career, or find a career promotion that can’t be matched presently.

There’s not much any employer can do when faced with those reasons. However, there is a lot an employer CAN do to mitigate the risk of losing employees who DON’T have those issues.

Let’s take a look at the top reasons good employees tend to leave their job, and what you can do to prevent them handing in their notice!

They’re bored

Jobs are no longer for life, and employees get twitchy feet if they’re not being challenged or feel satisfaction in their role. Progression, opportunity and contribution are three major things employees want from a job. Is there a clear pathway of progression for your employees? Is that communicated clearly? Are internal opportunities presented regularly – be in training, promotions or CSR work? And do you involve your employees in aspects of the business strategy – do they feel they’re a cog in a machine, or an individual with the power to provide valued input?

Relationships with colleagues

Research from the Gallup organisation indicates that one of the 12 factors that demonstrate whether an employee is happy at work is having a close friend in the business. Fractures in those relationships can cause unhappiness, as can a lack of any friendships at all. Does your employee mix with others, are they included in social or work gatherings, have you noticed a change in office relations recently? If you have, then intervene if problems seem unable to solve themselves.

Relationship with manager

This can be tricky. A boss is a boss, and becoming best mates is not advisable – however a relationship of trust and respect does need to exist at the least. If the relationship is in any way uncomfortable then it can seriously impact an employee’s job satisfaction and happiness at work. In fact, it’s regularly named as the no.1 reason why employees quit their job. Ouch.

If you’re the boss – how often do you catch up with your employee 1-on-1? How do you communicate with them? How could it be improved?

If you’re the employee – assess your performance: do you complete everything on time and to budget? Do you communicate often? Try and understand your boss’s work style, and also don’t be scared to ask for feedback.

They feel undervalued

Employees who feel undervalued are at high risk of leaving the company. Reasons can vary, but employees often feel that their employer is unaware of their strengths or skills, perhaps work is passed to less experienced colleagues, their advice or counsel is never sought, or they generally feel invisible in the workplace. All these issues contribute to an unhappy time at work.

The clever leader will discover the potential in their employees, ask them for advice or opinions on the business, and promote an environment of inclusivity.

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They feel time-poor and overworked

Juggling too many tasks and feeling overwhelmed can happen in most jobs, but there is nothing more stress-inducing for an employee than being overworked – it causes total burnout. It’s usually the most capable employees who are lumbered with the biggest workloads too – if they’re taking on more, but not receiving the same increase in recognition, thanks, promotion or raises then something has to give.

Try arranging a 1-on-1 review with your employee – as an opportunity for them to discuss their workload with you, and provide them with practical steps to resolve the issue. Can you delegate tasks elsewhere, or can you help the employee prioritise and manage their time? Thank them, and reward them for their efforts – be that a bonus, a day off or even a promotion. If they’re worth keeping, then it’s worth investing in.

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