Why you should invest in wellness in the workplace…

Why you should invest in wellness in the workplace…

At Work In Your Work Out (WIYWO) we have a mantra (well, we have a few – but this one is especially for our HR customers!). It’s ‘healthy employees = happy employees’ and underpins the reason we’re here, doing what we do.

Wellness in the workplace has been found to increase productivity and motivation, build morale and bring teams together, and decrease work-related stress. It’s the holy trinity most employers hope for in their dream workforce, but until recently the UK has been sluggish in getting its employee engagement activity in gear.

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Most business owners will tell you that their most valuable asset is their workforce – they’re ambassadors of your brand, and the people your customers speak to daily. At WIYWO we believe it’s vital to nurture this employer/employee relationship so your valuable asset remains with the business!

Wellness programmes are part of most employee packages in the US – and while super-brands and blue chip companies have been quick to adopt the practice in the UK, it has understandably taken a little longer to catch on in the main. Integrating a new employee benefit into the business can be complex, with hidden costs and a good deal of admin. When we established WIYWO, we wanted the process to be transparent, straightforward and simple to implement for exactly this reason.

WIYWO’s team of qualified personal trainers deliver pre-designed 30-minute fitness sessions at your place of work. Our trainers supply the equipment, all we need is a little indoor or outdoor space – and all your employees need is their gym kit! Our sessions can take place at a time convenient to your team, and we also produce high quality fitness videos, accessible via a secure online portal.

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If you are a business owner or HR manager, take a look at our top workplace wellness tips to get your team on the road to productivity and job satisfaction:

Walk or bike to work

Set up a company-wide scheme – who can clock up the most consecutive days in a row to walk or bike to work? Who has covered the most miles? Celebrate any success stories on your company newsletter or intranet to motivate others to get moving.

Exercise and fitness

Yes – it is possible while at work, and we should know! Research has shown that devoting time to exercise while at work can pep you up mentally and physically so you’re better able to tackle what the day throws at you. And it doesn’t need to be long. Just 30 minutes is ample to boost productivity and energy, and for employees to enjoy increased physical fitness if they’re regular attendees!

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Just as we recommend HIIT sessions, we would also recommend more restorative sessions such as yoga, especially for those employees needing a little stress relief or just some time away from their screen to practice a bit of mindfulness!


What a treat – lunchtime head, neck and shoulder massages are all the rage in the US, and are a regular occurrence here in some of the UK’s big businesses. Employees are typically hunched over a keyboard all day – what better way to ease tension than a quick 15-minute on-site massage? Speak to your local spas that may already offer the service, and support local business in the process! As part of our overall offering to companies, here at WIYWO we offer remedial massage along with a postural assessment – stress and bad posture needs to be managed and corrected to ensure wellness in the workplace is at its best.

If your employees are time-poor and deserve a boost, then get in touch with us today. At Work In Your Work Out we bring the gym to you, with exercise programmes made available in your own workspace. We offer 30-minute fitness sessions with professional personal trainers that easily fit into a lunch break!

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