What pieces of home fitness equipment to invest in?

What pieces of home fitness equipment to invest in?

Although through the gym or your PT, you will have access to all sorts of equipment to have fun with, it is very difficult for most people to have anything much at home. But if you want to get some extra work outs in whilst at home, what are some simple and key pieces to invest in, that will really help, but firstly not break the bank and secondly wont take up a whole room?

Below is our guide on what to go for first, a question we often get asked. With these simple and inexpensive additions to your workout, you will find significant improvements in your fitness levels and muscle definition:

1. Kettlebell– this is such a versatile and key weight (and actually the first thing I invested in for home workouts before I became a PT). We would recommend starting with an 8kg as a beginner. There are so many exercises that can be performed with a kettlebell and best of all it is small so can be stored pretty much anywhere. See our separate blog and Instagram postings for Kettle Bell exercises. Cost – between £10 – £30, depending on the brand and the exact weight. They are all pretty similar but personally we prefer the bells with the rubber covering on the ball part. They provide a bit more stability on the floor and from scratching the floor surface.

2. Resistance band– My fave is the ‘Flexvit Mini’ band. They come in different strengths but they are soft on your skin, they don’t pinch and for the gentlemen they don’t pull out leg hairs – most other bands have a tendency to do this. Ouch! This little beauty is a small and compact band so you can even fit it in your pocket if need be. Resistance bands are designed to increase the intensity of the exercise and to make the muscles work harder without needing to change each exercise. Cost – circa £10.

3. Dumbbells– We would suggest starting with 3kg dumbbells. Lots of effective shoulder and back building exercises can be performed with this level of weight and again they are super easy to store. I use them quite a bit for Pilates based workouts in particular. Cost – circa £5 – £15 for a pair.

Please remember, however, the best piece of equipment you have to help your fitness levels above anything else you can buy is your own bodyweight. Believe us, you can work up a huge sweat, tone muscles and create strong resistance with a callisthenic workout. Squats, lunges, press ups and the plank being our favourites. No excuses then 😉

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