The WIYWO team gets stronger

The WIYWO team gets stronger

I am very pleased and proud to announce that WIYWO is welcoming our newest member to the PT team – Nick Townsend. Nick joins us from David Lloyd in Oxford and will be operating out of the Horizon building in Hurley. Nick has been operating as a Personal Trainer for 7 years now in the Oxfordshire area and is completely passionate about providing the best service possible for our Clients and helping them with their fitness journeys.

“I believe that motion is lotion. Whatever your needs, wishes or wants are from training I can help you achieve it. From injury recovery to weight loss; from couch to 5k and beyond – I can get you there. I also believe that variety is the key to getting to your goals faster and more effectively so no two sessions will ever be quite the same! I will provide you a challenging and fun way to conquer your goals and see success!”

Nick is available from now to take bookings for Personal Training sessions. He is also running a number of group classes in Hurley, including some exciting new classes: Boxfit, HIIT and is taking over the current Circuits class. When you meet Nick you will instantly know why he is a popular and trustworthy professional – extremely personable and bright, always very happy to answer any questions and makes each session fun and interesting.

The WIYWO PT model is the same across all of our PT’s in that your first session will be a full consultation to discuss your current fitness regime and your goals and includes a full nutrition consultation as well. It is our job to look after your whole health and fitness schedule for the week, so even if you don’t see us every day we will help you to keep control of your fitness plan and nutrition habits every day.

Our philosophy as a set of professionals is the same; When you arrive for your session you are likely to have 101 things going through your head from the day. Work issues, personal issues and any number of stresses in your day. Its our job to make you forget about all of them for the hour you are with us and come away from your session having concentrated on your wellbeing and feeling much less stressed. You will have worked very hard and achieved your best but the endorphins will be racing around your body and we guarantee you will be feeling much better. We are there to help you, encourage you and to keep you on track to achieving your goals. We can’t do it for you though – through hard work, determination and perseverance you will get there 🙂

For enquiries and to book in a session with Nick, please email us on

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