The importance of getting away from your desk

The importance of getting away from your desk

Too much desk time can impact your ability to be efficient, creative, productive and ultimately negatively impact your health & wellbeing . Below are my top reasons why you need to take frequent mini-breaks from your desk. And if you are reading this from your desk, finish reading then take a break!

1. You will boost your productivity

You are not a machine – everyone has mental and physical limitations. While many of us feel compelled to plough through task after task, this can be counterproductive. Taking a break of even a few minutes will give your mind a rest, keep you refreshed and boost your performance levels.

2. You will super-charge your creativity

Often your best ideas come from when you are not slouched over your laptop. Going for a run, sitting on the loo, having a tea break. I do sometimes wish mine weren’t in the middle of the night though  You are freeing your brain up to consider new and fresh ideas. When you step away from your desk, go on a walk, quickly pop to the shops – this allows new ideas to flow as you temporarily distance yourself your screen.

3. You will increase your fitness levels

The sedentary lifestyle of the workplace (even if this is at your own house currently) is not doing anyone’s health any favours. Moving your body around releases chemicals (endorphins) that make your feel better, decrease stress and can regulate your mood.

While taking a break doesn’t have to involve a full HIIT class, even just walking round the block will add to your steps and you will be pleasantly surprised if you go for a little walk each day how quickly your weekly steps add up.

Try a walking meeting as well – if you are on the phone, you can walk and talk. And once we are able to meet up again, take your colleague with you.

4. You can understand the bigger picture

If you are staring at your screen all day and not looking up at what’s going on around you, you are likely to miss what else is happening Find time for a chat with your colleague (or your family if you are at home!) and take a moment to catch up with the real world. See what the weather outside is doing as well – take a deep breath of fresh air before diving back into your emails or that report.

Right now go and take your break!

Rebecca x

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  • kristinajayedesigns Posted March 13, 2021 6:48 pm

    Love this!

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