The A-Z of Super Foods…

The A-Z of Super Foods…

Over the Christmas period, there is obviously a huge focus on food – usually a complete overindulgence and usually food that we wouldn’t eat during a normal week. But how to get back on track in the new year and re-stock the cupboards with the right stuff?

I have been researching, reading and having a think about the top foods that are great to be included in our diet, the super foods and the nutritional benefits/ macro’s that are associated with each food. One of the publications I have referred to is ‘Super Foods for Mind, Body and Wellbeing’ from GMC Publications. A very interesting read, if you get the chance.

I have also been studying different diet types – the fads, the methodologies, the principles and getting to grips with tweaking the macro’s to create the most effective nutritional plan for the individual. Including dispelling myths and offering the facts about the different macro’s in our diet, all of which are essential.

To assist with understanding the foods we eat more; throughout this year, I will be taking a different food, one for each letter of the alphabet and looking at it in more detail, including the health benefits of each and the macro’s. From Avocado to Zucchini and a breakdown of the calories, protein, fat, carbs, sugar and fibre in each of these foods. I have chosen foods that I am a particular fan of – not just for the health benefits but that taste good and are easy to add into your diet.

Enjoy and of course any questions please DM me.

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