Superfood Series: ‘E’ is for Eggs

Superfood Series: ‘E’ is for Eggs

I have at least 2 eggs every single day. Whether that is scrambled for breakfast with ham or smoked salmon, or hard boiled in a salad at lunchtime, or as part of the mixture for some baking creation I am making, they feature quite heavily in my diet. We go through at least 18 eggs per week in our house. But what are the benefits of the good ol’ egg?

Eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods we commonly consume. They contain two antioxidants that help reduce eye diseases and they are loaded with protein (the main reason I eat as many as I do), iron, zinc, selenium and vitamins (A, B12 and B6). You do need to eat the yolk though – that’s where all the good stuff is!

Us Personal Trainers are always talking about eating eggs as part of your diet – reason being that apart from them being high in protein, they contain hardly any carbohydrates, therefore won’t spike your blood sugar levels and can be eaten as part of a weight loss programme, but they do fill you up.

When choosing your eggs, make sure you go for free range as an absolute minimum, ideally organic – the eggs taste better and the chickens have a better life. Check the eggs in the box for cracks before purchasing – you don’t want a cracked egg, they will be inedible.

The Macro’s (1 x medium chickens egg):

Calories – 63

Protein – 5.5g

Fat – 4.2g

Carbs – 0.3g

Sugars – 0.2g

Fibre – 0g

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