Superfood series: ‘D’ is for Dark Chocolate

Superfood series: ‘D’ is for Dark Chocolate

If you know me at all you will know that my major weakness, that I have to work very hard at controlling, is chocolate. I have been trying to swap a dairy milk square for a dark Chocologic square instead – with 90% less sugar and doesn’t actually taste dreadful.

Although it should very much be eaten in moderation, dark chocolate (ideally with at least a cocoa content of 80%+) actually has some very positive health benefits. It contains a good level of fibre and a high percentage of your RDI for iron, copper, magnesium and manganese. There is also evidence that dark chocolate can help with heart health by certain compounds in it lowering the risk of calcification in your arteries.

Of course it is best known for the major ingredients in cakes, biscuits and mousses but give it a try in a savoury dish as part of a sauce on a steak is actually really yummy and gives the meal a lovely richness.

The macros: (approx. 4 squares of Chocologic Belgium Dark chocolate bar)

Calories – 58

Fat – 4.6g

Carbs – 2.5g

Protein – 0.7g

Fibre – 4.7g

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