Superfood series: ‘B’ is for Blueberries

Superfood series: ‘B’ is for Blueberries

My children’s favourite and if not careful can be eaten by the punnet! Blueberries were one of the first fruits to be coined a superfood and its easy to see why: Packed with vitamin C that helps with iron absorption. They are also gentle on the tummy as they are quite easy to digest, plus they can also be as useful as cranberries when it comes to staving off urinary tract infections.

They also happen to be rich in phytochemicals which the scientists believe help to protect the body from quite a few diseases. This also gives the berries their lovely rich blue colour.

Fab to eat on their own, sprinkled on your porridge in the morning or in little muffins that make the mixture a lovely purple/blue colour. They can also be used as part of a savoury dish – I have had a wonderful blueberry based sauce with duck breast in the past – delish! They are great on a low fat diet in particular.

The macro’s: 100g

Calories – 57

Protein – 0.7g

Fat – 0.3g

Carbs – 14.5g

Fibre – 2.4g

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