Reasons to have a Personal Trainer

Reasons to have a Personal Trainer

Are you unsure if employing the services of a Personal Trainer is the right thing for you to do? Do you know what we do and how we can help?

In this article I discuss what to expect from your PT and why have one in the first place. My Client’s reasons really vary, but there are certainly common themes. Here are my top 10 reasons explained:

1. Speed up Progress

A large part of a PT’s job is to ensure you are progressing towards your specific goals. We will be able to do this with more speed than you would yourself – if you are accountable to someone else and you are being checked on and tested, it ensures you actually do what is suggested, so your progress will be faster.

2. Efficiency with your limited time

Everyone is busy, everyone has pressures on their time and have to make a conscious decision what to do with their limited time. If you only have a few hours per week to dedicate to exercise, it needs to be as efficient as possible. A PT will ensure the hour you spend with them is as effective and efficient as possible. We will keep you to strict timings and ensure you achieve as much as possible in your hour.

3. Stress Relief

Often when Clients come in to the gym to see me for their session, they have had a very busy day (either with work or at home) and they are stressed and wound up. Part of my job is to ensure you are worked hard and don’t have time to think about any external pressures whilst you are working out. You will leave tired but much less stressed. Exercise is a fantastic stress reliever and can make you feel much more positive – due to the natural endorphins and adrenalin running around your body!

4. Build confidence

Some of my PT Clients had never stepped into a gym before seeing me. They had no clue about how the machines work, what exercises are best for them and how to perform these exercises correctly. Your PT is there to ensure you walk in to any gym now and in the future feeling comfortable, confident and clear with what you are doing. When you have your session with us, we are setting everything for you and demonstrating exactly what to do, but part of this is to ensure you can do it on your own as well.

5. Feel supported and nurtured

Different PT’s have varying methodologies of how they choose to support their Clients – I tend to adopt a very nurturing method. I much prefer to positively encourage people and make them feel very pleased they have achieved, even if this is incremental each week. We are there for you, even outside of the hours that we see you in the gym or online, to discuss issues, questions or challenges you are currently facing with your fitness journey.

6. Lose weight safely

There are a few different ways to lose weight – if you don’t eat you will lose weight. If you exercise all day every day, you will lose weight. They are not healthy ways of losing weight though and being able to maintain this weight loss. Your Personal Trainer is also a nutritionist and will be able to guide you to the most effective way to reduce your weight then sustain this loss. Similarly if you are trying to gain weight, the same applies.

7. Ideas for different exercises and methodologies

Even if you are very comfortable in a gym environment, there are always different ways of working the same muscles. Talk to your PT about different ideas and exercises to change up your routine and keep your muscles guessing. We keep up to date with the latest methodologies and constantly learning – we pass this knowledge on to our Clients.

8. Be accountable to someone else

It is quite surprising how much more you can achieve when you have to check in with someone else. It is the case all the way from school to when you start in the workplace! It is very similar with Personal Training – if you need to check in with me every week you are much more likely to do what has been asked of you. This is one of the reasons Personal Training speeds up progress and is more efficient.

9. Help to create specific and realistic goals

The first consultation we have with you when you are starting Personal Training is to understand and set your specific goals. These can vary widely but you do need to be very clear with what they are. I will be equally clear with how these goals are going to be achieved and exactly what you will need to do. I will also ensure the goals are realistic – giving you timelines and schedules.

10. Companionship whilst working out

I find that I tend to work much harder when I am working out with someone else. I also find it much more of an enjoyable experience and can continue my personal development as well. This is the same when working with a PT – we are there to help you and push you harder than you would be able to push yourself, but we are also there to listen and chat. It will never be boring J

If you would like to discuss if Personal Training would work for you then please do drop me an email ( we can arrange time for an initial consultation. I operate via Zoom or at my gym in Hurley, Berkshire.

Rebecca x

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