Meet WIYWO – a new approach to employee wellbeing

Meet WIYWO – a new approach to employee wellbeing

We are delighted to introduce Work In Your Work Out (WIYWO) – we’re a brand new employee engagement company that delivers 30-minute Fitness training, Yoga and Pilates sessions at your place of work. WIYWO has been launched by HR and recruitment specialist (and Personal Trainer), Rebecca Myers. It offers a solution to employees who feel time-poor but want to include exercise in their day, and at their convenience.

At WIYWO we are passionate about keeping fit and healthy, and making our sessions fun, effective and accessible to all. Our qualified Personal Trainers deliver the 30-minute sessions on-site. They provide all equipment and expert guidance – all we need is a little space (indoors or outdoors – we’re not fussy!).

Healthy employees = productive employees

Did you know that employees who exercise for 30 minutes, three times a week, are 15% more likely to have higher job performance? Healthy employees also mean fewer sick days taken; a recent survey by the CBI, for example, stated that employee absence directly costs the UK economy £14bn per year.

Shocking, isn’t it?

Here’s the good news – businesses are increasingly working to seek out and offer innovative employee benefit schemes that provide true value to the employee. Health (both mental and physical) and wellbeing programmes are on the rise, and for good reason.

New technology to reach remote workers

WIYWO slots perfectly into existing wellbeing programmes, or can be a stand-alone offering for your business. We take classes of up to 10 people at a time, but our new technology means your remote workers can access pre-recorded sessions and take part at a time convenient to them, making class sizes (nearly) limitless!

Rebecca Myers, WIYWO’s founder, says: “We’re very excited to be launching WIYWO across the UK, making high-quality training sessions available to hard-working employees who may have little spare time outside of work in which to exercise.

“It’s simple for HR or senior management teams to implement, and can slot into most working days, including shift work, and has the added USP of being accessible to remote workers. Our training programmes receive excellent feedback and can be adapted for all levels of fitness. Our aim is to inject fun and a lot of energy back into the working week!”

If you’re an HR manager, business owner, employee or personal trainer and want to find out more, then get in touch with the WIYWO team today:

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