Rebecca Myers is the founder of Work In Your Work Out (WIYWO) and a bona fide fitness fan! As a personal trainer (PT), business owner and busy mother of two, Rebecca understands the challenges busy workers face when trying to achieve the perfect work/life balance.

We caught up with Rebecca to find out what inspired her own fitness journey, and how she plans to help employees boost their own health and productivity while at work…

Q: Hi Rebecca! You weren’t always from a fitness background – can you tell us about that, and what inspired the shift?

Although I have always tried to remain fairly healthy, having two children and running a business and having a husband that is away with work a lot takes it toll! I found that I was hugely struggling to fit in any exercise at all, due to either being at work or running around after the kids before and after work, and at the weekends. The only way to resolve this was to add some exercise in to my working day. My fitness has significantly increased over a 2-year period and I have grown more and more interested in the industry, and the benefits exercise gives you.

I decided to take my Personal Training exams and become qualified at the same time as starting WIYWO; firstly, because I found it fascinating and wanted to learn a new skill but secondly, to increase my knowledge to help build the company correctly. I am also able to approve the programme design and take sessions so I know exactly what I am asking my PT’s to do. It’s made to look easy but it’s more technical and involved than it looks!

Q: When did the idea of WIYWO first come to you?

I also co-own another company (Scout Talent Ltd.) and I have organised group PT sessions for the team for over two years now. We have found it to be hugely beneficial reasons beyond the team feeling more healthy and fit – we also found that team spirit improved, productivity improved and there have been less sick days. The team also think about their general health more and are a bit wiser about what they choose to eat for lunch and their general activity levels.

When we moved offices, we were outside training one lunchtime and other people from the building were asking if they could join in. My immediate thought was that there was something more to this than just us doing a bit of exercise, so I took it upon myself to organise something for the wider building. It proved popular and that is where it all started.

Q: Why do you think fitness is so important, specifically for employees?

As a general rule, people who work in an office environment sit down at a desk for most of the day, looking at a computer screen. The human body is not designed to sit down all day without it causing, for example; postural issues, headaches and general lethargy. Adding even 30 minutes of exercise into an employee’s day will ensure that not only do their bodies get to move out of the seated position but that their minds get a break and a chance to re-set and think more freshly when they come back to their work. There is considerable scientific evidence that exercise is good for body and mind, but to give your employees a very easy way to do this is what we are all about at WIYWO.

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Q: How often do you train – and what’s your killer move?

I actually train five times a week at the moment and I usually join in (or at least partly) with the sessions I run for clients. It is all group session based though; I am very rarely in an actual gym. I believe that as the owner of a fitness company, and as a qualified PT, that I need to be a good example of my own brand and teachings. I work in an office a lot of the time as well and practice what I ask of others and hopefully am a good case study for my own business.

Ha! My killer move! Well my Head of PT’s is the Flag (holding yourself sideways on a pole using your arms) – he is training to beat the world record currently (1 minute 5 seconds!). I might join him one day and try to beat him!!!

Q: How do you devise the WIYWO sessions?

All the training sessions are centrally designed by our Head of PT, Sonny, and our PT training & Development consultant, Perry. This is to firstly ensure the quality of the sessions are upheld and that they are specifically designed for the end employees, as their needs will be specific. It is also to ensure consistency across our PT network.

Q: Tell us what HIIT means

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a specific training technique designed to be effective and efficient for increasing general fitness levels by keeping your heart rate up and burning more fat in less time. It involves quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by short (and sometimes active) recovery periods. The reason we offer this type of exercise is due to it being very effective for a 30-minute session, plus it also doesn’t necessarily involve lots of equipment – it is very effective just using your own body weight.

Q: What advice do you have for those apprehensive about HIIT exercise?

This type of exercise doesn’t have to be scary – it is easy to tailor the exercises to different ability levels, so even if you are a complete beginner then you can still join in and exercise in the same session as someone who is used to it. It also doesn’t take long to get used to this form of exercise and the majority of the individual exercises we ask you to perform are not complicated. But mainly, the sessions are designed to be fun and exciting – to break up your day with something different!

Q: You’re a fan of endurance events – which UK event are you tackling next?

Ha! Well I am actually doing one this weekend! It is a 10K run with obstacles in a local park to me, but the twist with this one is that it is from 7pm i.e. in the dark! A new challenge for me and I just hope the weather holds up as it is supposed to be snowing! After that I have Tough Mudder (half-marathon length obstacle endurance event) at the end of April – this one is in my hometown, so I am really looking forward to completing the challenge.

Q: Wow! How will you train for that?

Training starts properly next week for me, once I have the 10k run out of the way. I will continue to take part in the bootcamp sessions I do anyway as they are a great way of keeping up endurance levels. I will also create a more specific, equipment based, programme that will focus more on strength (particularly upper body as this is required for hauling yourself over obstacles) and increase my running sessions at the weekends, to ensure I can actually get round the half-marathon length course.

Q: Is resting important too?

Resting is vital. The body needs time to recover and adding in rest periods in your training programme is just as important as the fitness sessions. Try to get a good amount of sleep as well – at least 8 hours per night. It is amazing how sleep affects mood, mental ability and concentration during the day, not just physical ability.

Rest doesn’t necessarily mean sitting down and doing absolutely nothing though – with the businesses to manage and two young children to run around after, actual rest is very rare in my life 😉

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Q: Lastly, what steps can people take today to begin their fitness journey?

The very first step is to want to make a change in your life for the better and make the effort to get yourself out there. Whether that is an organised class or getting out for a brisk walk, you don’t have to start big – start realistic.

Attending one of our sessions at work is a great start as it is not for a very long period of time, at just 30 minutes. You are joining in with colleagues, potentially meeting people from different departments that you have not spoken to before and making a positive difference to your health and your life in general. If you enjoy it, then you can always add in extra sessions and speak to our PT who runs the sessions, who can help you with the correct programme for you to further your fitness journey.

If your employees are time-poor and deserve a boost, then get in touch with us today. At Work In Your Work Out we bring the gym to you, with exercise programs made available in your own workspace. We offer 30-minute fitness sessions that fit easily into a lunch break, led by our professional personal trainers.

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