Learning to LOVE exercise

Learning to LOVE exercise

If you are struggling to find the LOVE for exercise and see others around you enjoying what they do, this can be frustrating. Especially with the Lockdown situation as it is currently, finding the motivation to avoid being sedentary and getting into poor habits can be an easy path to walk down. But if you were more aware of the benefits, had a plan and had the right help from the pro’s then this may change your outlook and you can start jogging down the right path. Here are some steps that may help you learn to love exercise:

Find your niche

There are just so many different types of exercise styles available today – from ballet to basketball and there will always be the right one for you out there. If you don’t want to get sweaty but know you need to move more, then the more relaxing sessions may be for you such as a gentle yoga class. If you hate exercising on your own then a more team based session such as netball may work for you. You may just not have found your niche yet – there are so many things out there to try and quite often you can try a lot of them for free as well before you commit.

Noticing the positive benefits

One reason to exercise is to see the positive benefits it offers; these range vastly from increased muscle definition, to increased flexibility, to increased energy levels. It completely depends on the exercises you are doing but any movement at all will provide positive benefits. Learn to enjoy your body changing for the better, inside and outside.

Goals; make them and stick to them

Much like creating a New Year’s resolution, making exercise goals can be done but the tough part is sticking to them. I am creating realistic goals with my PT & Nutrition Clients all the time, as they are super important to keep you motivated and on track. The best trick is to remember why you are exercising in the first place; what are you wanting to achieve and by when. Make sure your goals are specific, realistic, measurable and have a time scale to them.

Create a realistic schedule

Part of goal setting is giving this a time scale. If your goal is to run a 10k from ‘couch’ then this won’t be achieved in 1 week, it will take time and dedication. But if your exercise plan is scheduled and broken down into more bite size pieces that are much easier to achieve each week, then you will see progress and feel in control.

Get some help from the pro’s

All of the above is completely possible for the individual to achieve but we all need some help on occasion. That’s where your PT comes in; it’s our job to help you form your goals, keep you on track, schedule your exercise and measure your progress, and that’s only part of it. We are also here to help you find the love for exercise, begin to enjoy it and really feel the well-deserved benefits of your hard work.

Rebecca x

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