How to not ruin your hard work when on holiday

How to not ruin your hard work when on holiday

As summer approaches and the travelling season begins (plus whilst I am sat on a plane!) I thought it appropriate to discuss how best to keep your fitness and health levels up whilst away from your normal routine. You have just worked hard on that beach body, it would be a shame to completely ruin it 😉

You can start from as soon as your holiday or business trip begins. If you are sitting down for a longer period of time, for example whilst on a plane, then try not to remain sedentary for too long. Keep your blood moving around your legs in particular. I have suggested a few moves in the latest 3pm movement post (Instagram @work_in_your_work_out)

In your Hotel room

There are plenty of body weight exercises where no equipment and not much space is required. Use what you have around you – a hotel chair, the bed, a table. You don’t have to take hours, even 20-30 minutes of concerted effort is much better than nothing. Have a little stretch before you start and leave a good few minutes at the end for a bigger stretch:

Start with a little warm up of AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) for 5 minutes – this will get the blood pumping and wake you up.

20 x Mountain climbers (either on the floor or using the edge of the bed to lean on)

20 x high knees

10 x press ups (either on the floor or using the edge of the bed to lean on)

20 x star jumps

Then you could move on to 15 minutes or so of the following, using tempo to increase the intensity:

(3 x rounds)

Press ups, sit ups, squat variations, plank variations.

If they have a gym in the hotel

This can be a bit of tricky one to ensure you have time for. If the gym is fairly well equipped, then you will be able to think about what you usually do in your gym at home or with your PT and just replicate this. Keep it simple and avoid exercises where you don’t feel comfortable not being spotted eg, heavy bench press, as hotel gyms are often not manned and not busy.

What I find is that motivation levels are usually much lower to actually get to the gym whilst away. Don’t be too tough on yourself to get there every day – be realistic. Like you would at home, schedule in the time you are going to go – before the day starts from a business trip perspective or before you are due downstairs at breakfast with the family I find are the most productive times.

Portable equipment

I am not going to suggest for one second that you should take a little mini gym with you whilst away 😉 but I find a very simple but effective thing to take with you that folds up very small is a resistance band. I recommend Flexvit bands – very durable, much more comfortable, come in different strengths and not mega bucks.

Keeping hydrated

Especially if you are visiting a country with a warmer climate, additional water is essential. Its easy to forget to drink more because you are out of your routine and not necessarily thinking about it. Just buy a 2L bottle of water at the beginning of each day and sit with it next to you – keep sipping and you will soon get through it. With each drink other than water (coffee, milkshake, vino etc..) have a glass of water with it as well. You will soon get through at least 3L, which is really a minimum if you are in the sun all day.

If you are in business meetings all day and in air conditioning, this can really dry you out so do exactly the same thing. A large bottle of water with you at all times and just keep sipping it.

Food and drink

Holidays and time away from usual routine will usually upset your diet but it doesn’t have to be a disaster or an excuse to go mental and undo all the hard work you have put in before you went away. Everywhere will have meat, veggies and salad options, you don’t have to have everything fried and eat enormous portions. With alcohol, I am definitely not going to tell you not to drink and enjoy yourself but just note that from a calories perspective, for every pint of beer this is about the same as about 5 x Gin & Tonics – just make different choices and you will not blow all your calories for the day on one meal and a couple of drinks.

I will leave you with the most important point whilst you are away. Relax and recoup. You have worked hard all year – this is your chance to have a moment of reflection and time to recharge the batteries. If you are, however, away with work and don’t have a choice – enjoy being away from home and for someone else to pick up the bill 😉

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