How to avoid weight gain over Christmas

How to avoid weight gain over Christmas

Christmas time is upon us and though the magic of the Yuletide season grows, for many so does an accepted anxiety that Christmas time means inevitably putting on weight. But don’t surrender your waistline to an annual expansion just yet. It’s crucial not to fall into an ‘all or nothing’ attitude and write off the next four weeks if you want to keep those extra few pounds at bay.

With these tips you can make your way to January with as little excess baggage as possible, whilst still enjoying the merry Christmas you deserve!

1. Be wine-wise.

If white wine is your beverage of choice, make it a spritzer – with soda water. It’s a simple tactic that has you halving the calories per glass!

If the watering down seems impossible then go for a dry white wine or red wine which is slightly less calorific.

Equally, keep an eye out for a host of low-alcohol wines hitting the supermarket shelves. Low or alcohol free drinks is the largest emerging market in the food and beverage industry at the moment. Some of the largest retailers like Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Marks and Spencers all sell quality wines with an alcohol content as low as 0.5%.

2. At the bar, try to think low-cal.

If we are allowed out this Christmas, choose a spirit with low calorie mixer, like vodka and soda water, over more calorific drinks like heavy lagers, ales or ciders.

If you can’t get out of having a beer choose those with lower alcohol content. A standard pint of beer contains around 160 calories but a strong bottle of lager can contain 200 calories alone.

3. Festive hot drinks, beware!

Most people revel in the festive drinks that our favourite coffee chains offer throughout November and December. However these drinks unsurprisingly contain sickening amounts of sugar and are extremely calorific.

Best to leave them well alone and enjoy a skim-milk coffee to keep the morning chill at bay!

4. Be leftover-lean.

When the Christmas meal is over and done with and the leftover meals can begin, steer towards a turkey curry or soup rather than those hearty recipes like coronation turkey, bubble and squeak and a huge wedge sandwich with all the trimmings!

5. Snack right.

Often it’s the in-between meal snacking that can make all the difference when the scales reveal a slight build-up of fat reserves.

If you do find yourself really hungry, try to replace crisp or chocolate snacks with something a little healthier such as a piece of fruit or crudities and hummus.

6. When the weather outside is frightful… exercise indoors!

There are many workouts that you can perform from your living room, without having to brave the cold. Especially with the emergence of so many Zoom classes now.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are perfect for burning fat with short and intense exercise routines that require very little equipment.

Often all you need is some floor space and perhaps a yoga mat. We run HIIT classes, Pilates and Stretch & Flex – please go to our website to book in and work up a sweat without moving from your living room!

7. Walk your way to a healthier Christmas.

A wintery walk across the fields of our Great British countryside is one of the most pleasing activities over the festive season. Wrap up warm and set about burning calories whilst simultaneously getting outdoors and into a more relaxed headspace.

It’s a wonderful winter’s pastime that brings with it health benefits and can also bring the whole family together too!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from the WIYWO Team. See you next year for lots more fun and exciting things to come x x

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