Employee benefits – why thinking outside the box could secure the best talent

Employee benefits – why thinking outside the box could secure the best talent

Research by Glassdoor shows that benefits and perks play an increasingly important role in the candidate attraction and retention game. Nearly three in five (57%) of people reported that benefits and perks were amongst their top considerations before accepting a job.

In fact, Work In Your Work Out’s founder, Rebecca Myers, recently featured in HR Director Magazine outlining how HR teams can begin to integrate soft benefits into their employee engagement strategies, and why it’s important to have it on their agenda.

Companies already nailing the employee benefits offer are collected below – does your business stack up to these (sometimes weird) and wonderful perks? We’d love to know! It goes without saying that at WIYWO we believe that fitness and wellbeing should be at the top of your benefits priority list, especially when it comes to attracting and retaining your talented employees!

Read on for some information – and get in touch with the WIYWO team today to find out more about our 30-minute in-office fitness sessions.

Air BnB

The global accommodation success story, Air BnB, gives its employees an annual stipend of $2,000 to travel and stay in an Airbnb listing – anywhere in the world! Nice.


The project management tool gives employees access to executive and life-coaching services outside the company.

The Body Shop

The ethical cosmetics shop pays staff for up to five volunteering days each year.

AutoTrader UK

The company has a wine club, giving employees discounted wine delivered to their door each month. Where do we sign up??

Pentland Brands

Pentland Brands provides an on-site swimming pool, tennis court and football pitch!

If you want to stay fit at work, but don’t have Pentland Brands’ facilities, fret not – give WIYWO a call! We supply all equipment, and simply need a little space indoors – or out!


Free food – all day, every day – who needs to go home when you have multiple cuisines on offer?!

Swinton Insurance

Shoppers rejoice! Swinton Insurance offers employees an extra day off per year, specifically to get your Christmas shopping done! No more excuses!

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If your employees are time-poor and deserve a boost, then get in touch with us today. At Work In Your Work Out we bring the gym to you, with exercise programs made available in your own workspace. We offer 30-minute fitness sessions with professional personal trainers that easily fit into a lunch break!

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