Cardio in a Gym Environment

Cardio in a Gym Environment

● The definition of cardiovascular exercise

● Classifying it in a gym environment

● Benefit of cardiovascular activity

In simple terms, my definition of cardiovascular exercise is activity which raises your body temperature and elevates your heart rate. This can range from any activity such as walking to swimming.

In a gym environment, it is fairly typical of people to classify “cardio” as the treadmills, rowers, cross trainers, bikes etc – this is definitely not wrong and not uncommon. However the reason for me writing today’s piece is because there is a lot more to cardiovascular training in a gym environment then just machines.

If we refer back to our definition of cardiovascular exercise (raising the heart rate and body temperature) the possibilities are actually endless. In my own experience and my own training sessions, I have used weight and resistance in a cardio format; e.g. 30 seconds of bicep curls at a fast pace then 30 seconds rest for 3 rounds. If we take a resting heart rate which typically falls between 45bpm and 60bpm (beats per minute).

There are so many ways to get the heart going without just going to a default machine. There are lots of different benefits to cardiovascular activity – the main one from a fat burning perspective is that the calorie burn can continue 48 hours post exercise – this continuing the weight loss and fat burning process.

If you are ever stuck for any ideas of achieving weight loss or want to switch your regular cardio routine, we at WIYWO can provide you with the knowledge and confidence to do so.

Nick x

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