Benefits of 1:1 Personal Training

Benefits of 1:1 Personal Training

Contemplating using 1:1 training can be a daunting thought at first, however we would like to spend a moment explaining just how rewarding it can be for you.

We all have health and lifestyle goals that we wish to conquer; planning and execution is a different kettle of fish . This is where your Personal Trainer comes in. We will listen with open ears and an open mind to establish why you want to achieve what you want to achieve, and arm with you the tools to get you there. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or you are very experienced and just looking to mix up your regime; we can provide the know how and expertise.

Statistically you are 70% more likely to achieve your goals with 1:1 specialist help – this type of training goes beyond just your one hour session. We are not only here to assist you with your training and nutrition goals and to keep you on track, but also to ensure your whole fitness and lifestyle week is planned out and controlled. We take and monitor body composition/measurements, create meal plans, personalised gym programmes and full tracking systems to ensure you are hitting your goals and seeing progress.

If you wish to take it further and achieve quicker, then 1:1 training is certainly the way forward. We can make the journey both fun and challenging – I myself live by the theory of “finding success, building success then challenging success!” In other words, find which exercises work; establish them; then take them even further. To give an example; 5 minutes jogging (finding success) becoming 8 minutes jogging (building on 5 minutes) then doing those 8 minutes at a faster pace (challenging success).

Furthermore, we believe in variety for our clients to keep it enjoyable and challenging at the same time. We find it also yields quicker and better results as the body is constantly tested and has to react to that – thus burning more calories and/or building muscle.

Please do not hesitate to come and talk to us about any aspect of your training or lifestyle. WIYWO are here for you!

Nick x

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