50 things before I’m 50

50 things before I’m 50

Having been inspired by one of my wonderful Clients @juliet-mcdermott for her brilliant idea, I have decided to compose my list of 50 things to achieve before I’m 50. It was actually quite tough thinking of 50 things (it has taken me three months!) because I am very lucky enough to have done a lot of things in my life already. Doing this exercise was fascinating! It really focussed the mind to the possibilities in life and what is important to you. They don’t have to be big goals, they can be tiny and achieved quickly, but it does force you to be honest with yourself! Of course, I have budget constraints to take into account as well – I did have to remove ‘own a private jet!’ 😉 Plus things that are very unlikely like ‘win the lottery’ or ‘fly to the moon’. 

I have exactly 7 years left to complete this list! Some are quite big and expensive so it may take me a little while to save up! Since starting this list, I have already completed a few of them though – including getting a tattoo, something I have been thinking about for 10 years now!! 

Whatever age you are, you can give this a go too! Like with any goal though, try to keep it SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely!

Here are mine, in the order that I thought of them. Please note the last one! You can all help me to achieve this!! 😉 If you can help me achieve any of the others then please give me a shout! 

  1. Write a book and have it published (started)
  2. Read a novel in one day (have the time to) ✅ 
  3. Re-visit Barbados – my most favourite place 
  4. Visit Dubai
  5. Visit Japan 
  6. Experience clubbing in Ibiza (booked and going in June)
  7. Go on a top end cruise/Yacht 
  8. Do a triathlon (even if it’s not a full one) ✅ 
  9. Get the remaining third of my rings (eternity ring that sits with my wedding and engagement rings) (enquired)
  10. Get a counselling qualification ✅ 
  11. Have a go at driving a super car
  12. Find the perfect online gluten free afternoon tea (Started the research) 
  13. Own an expensive pair of prescription sunglasses (Prada PR32PS Heritage, on order!) 
  14. Stay in a cute cottage in Cornwall 
  15. Create something on a pottery wheel 
  16. Be in a film 
  17. Go on an all day shopping trip (without my kids!) 
  18. Get a massage qualification 
  19. Have a ‘post aged 40’ photo taken of myself that I’m really proud of (and that I’m allowed to publish)
  20. Get a tattoo ✅ 
  21. Go to the airport and just book a flight and go for the weekend! 
  22. Swim in Crystal clear natural water 
  23. Spend the whole day watching films in my pj’s (and not be forced to because I’m ill) 
  24. Have a full pamper day (hair, nails, massage, waxing, champagne etc…)
  25. Spend a whole month on holiday 
  26. A trip on the orient express 
  27. Stay in a chalet in the snow 
  28. See a movie at the London imax 
  29. Have a tailor made dress 
  30. Go on a cruise around the Croatian islands 
  31. Be mortgage free! 
  32. Enjoy a drink in 10 of the most famous London hotels (Landmark done) Claridges, Shangri-la, The Ritz, The Langham, The Savoy, Park Lane Hotel, The Dorchester, Browns, Four Seasons. 
  33. Watch the sun rise and sunset in one day 
  34. Be on a radio show 
  35. Feel like a princess for a weekend and stay in a castle
  36. Have a professional make up session 
  37. Have a personal shopping session 
  38. Make a piece of jewellery 
  39. Learn how to say ‘Thank you’ in 10 different languages (got some of these already) 
  40. Ride on a tandem bike 
  41. Eat only veggie for a month 
  42. Own a really lovely set of underwear
  43. Experience a proper snowy white Christmas
  44. Experience all the ‘playing cards of henley’
  45. Go on a bike tour of Amsterdam 
  46. Re-read all the Harry Potter series 
  47. Go whale and dolphin watching ✅ 
  48. Create a cross stitch cushion (started) 
  49. Bathe in a natural hot spring 
  50. Have one of my social media posts/blog go viral 😉

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